America's First Female Casualty of WWII?

That's the claim for actress Carole Lombard, the blonde, wise-cracking wife of Clark Gable. She died the night of January 16, 1942 in an airplane crash near Las Vegas as she returned to LA from a War Bond rally, thus earning the title "first female casualty" of a war scarcely one month old. That may be disputed, but what's not is how well-liked Lombard was by her peers in Hollywood and her fans. People still make their way to Goodsprings, Nevada, to see the site where Lombard met her death. "Every single day of the week somebody will walk in from some part of the world and ask about the Carole Lombard story," said one resident. For more about this fascinating actress visit her excellent fan site and hear her thoughts on everything from sexism to Gable to paying taxes.

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