Escape with the Ape Man

On April 28, 1945, Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun wed beneath Berlin's ruins. In Hollywood RKO released Tarzan and the Amazons, a silly tale of Tarzan and a race of jungle beauties. The film, Johnny Weissmuller's ninth appearance of the ape man, also starred Jane (Brenda Joyce), returning from England where she was doing war-related work, Boy and, of course, Cheetah the chimp. It's an example of the escapist fare Hollywood churned out in good times and bad, in war and the fast-approaching peace.

The Three Stooges at War

Larry, Curly and Moe marched to war along with the rest of America. In this 1943 short they've joined the Merchant Marine with the usual attendant slapstick and mayhem, some of which involves torpedoes and dastardly Nazis.


Der Fuehrer's Face

Okay. We couldn't resist the pleas to run another Donald Duck cartoon from the War. Here you go. Wonderful propaganda.


Big-Hearted Bette

Bette Davis' reputation is of a hard-charging Hollywood drama queen. Maybe that image is deserved on screen, but in reality Davis was a tireless volunteer and supporter of the US Armed Forces. In 1942 she and actor John Garfield founded the famous Hollywood Canteen at 1451 Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Canteen was one of a series of canteens around the country where servicemen and women could find food, entertainment and maybe the chance to meet a celebrity before shipping out to the War. Like Bette herself. She's pictured here serving food to the troops.