Got Oomph?

Responding to a request, we researched the actress Ann Sheridan (1915-1967). The Texas-born Sheridan was celebrated in WWII as the "Oomph Girl" for her sizzling sex appeal. She's pretty, and a competent singer, as this clip from 1943's war fundraiser Thank Your Lucky Stars shows. But her huge allure remains a mystery, unlike Rita Hayworth who looks very modern. If anyone cares to elaborate on the Sheridan mystique, be our guest.


  1. You mentioned Rita Hayworth in the post. I've always thought she and Ann Sheridan looked very similar, though they have very different personalities. The thing I find attractive about Ann Sheridan is her very strong self confidence without the conceit and self absorbtion one finds in many stars of her day.
    Rupert Alistair

  2. Ann Sheridan was loved by Daffy Duck, only in Hollywood Daffy by seeing stars and it is like Antonio Villas Boas was falling in love with a space alien, she was beautiful like her.